Leaving Our Legacy Behind

snioerSince turning 70, I’ve realized that the younger generation will not know about vast amount of things that my generation has done.  I wanted to start this blog to educate the younger generation on things they should know about us.  I have 9 grandchildren so far with hopefully more coming and I want to be able to tell them my stories even when I’m gone.  I want to share things about my life and my insights and also what I’ve learned throughout my 70 years of being here.  I hope you continue along with me until you’ve had enough (haha).

I remember when I was a child and we played with dolls that were made from socks or whatever our mom had lying around.  There were no iPads or phones that we could text on.  Our form of communication was running from each others’ houses.  If I wanted to go play with a friend, I would run to their house, knock on their door, and ask if they were allowed to play with me.  Things were much simpler back then.  There were no group chats or social media.  We wouldn’t know about things right away.  As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned the value of technology but also see it as a way for people to not live their lives properly.  Instead of enjoying a trip, I see kids whipping out their phones to take selfies and document their entire stay.  Now, if it were me, I would be out participating in the activities instead of just catching it on camera.