4 Tips on Buying A Dental Handpiece

Dental handpieces play a vital role in any dental practice and represent a significant expense. You will want to ensure that the handpieces that you buy are of the absolute best quality possible, durable, and reliable. The comfort of your patient will be paramount to your consideration of which dental handpiece to buy.

Whether you are looking for new or refurbished dental handpieces for sale, here is what you need to consider:


A noisy dental instrument will be offensive to use and increase the anxiety of your patient. Your aim should be to make your patient as comfortable as possible while receiving dental treatment, so this becomes a very important consideration! Dental practitioners should always opt for a dental handpiece that produces little noise. The dental handpiece should include an output rating in its description.


Another key factor in considering a dental handpiece for purchase, is the ergonomics of the instrument. It is important to be comfortable with how it feels in your hand. An electric handpiece will feel different from an air-driven one. Make certain that the grip is good, not too heavy and overall feels good when you hold it. Size and weight are two important factors to consider.


The overall level of performance of a dental handpiece will determine whether it will deliver a good experience for the user and the patient receiving treatment. Does it have adequate light? Most dentists would like to have as much illumination of the affected site as possible. Is it easy to clean? Handpieces and motors need to be sterilized after each patient’s use, so it is important that parts can come apart and go together smoothly.


If you maintain your handpiece you should get many years of use from them. They are worked hard in any dental practice and a breakdown can occur. Replacement parts for a dental handpiece may be all that is required to restore it for use. With many parts available online, you may be able to make minor repairs in-house.

A reputable company selling dental handpieces will include a warranty on all repairs. They will be able to advise you on whether your handpiece is repairable or when replacement is the better way to go. Many companies that sell dental handpieces and parts also include the services to refurbish existing handpieces.

Since the quality of dental handpieces are essential to the delivery of good dentistry and the overall success of a dental practice, you’ll want to make the right choice buying to get the most from your investment. Not only that, you will have satisfied clients that are comfortable telling their friends about your skilled dental practice.